Sylvia Escovar

Sylvia Escovar

Board Member

Sylvia Escovar is the president for Organizaci�n Terpel, the largest gasoline and oil derivatives retailer in Colombia. Mrs. Escovar has worked in Terpel for 10 years as VP of the Corporate Group both in the financial and the strategic/commercial areas. In this group she has been responsible for the sales figures, co-responsible for the merger of 7 local companies into the third largest company in Colombia by revenues, the acquisition process of three large gasoline station networks in Panam�, Ecuador and Chile, as well as the sale of the 66% of the company to the Chilean Copec Group.

Formerly, Sylvia worked as financial VP in Grupo Bancolombia and beforehand, her experience was originated in the public sector: Main Economist for the Colombian Resident Mission of the World Bank, Head of the External Credit Division in the National Planning Department (DNP), Head of the Economic Research Department in Banco de la Rep�blica Cartagena, Head of the National Public Policy Evaluation System in DNP, General Director of FES Leadership Foundation, Deputy Secretary of Public Education for Mr. Enrique Pe�alosa Administration in Bogot�, Deputy Secretary of Finance of the second Mr. Antanas Mockus Administration in Bogot�, and Financial Vice-president for Fiducolombia.

Mrs. Escovar holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes in Bogot�, Colombia, with studies in Econometrics in La Sorbonne, Paris, France.

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