Tribeca Asset Management is a Colombian private equity fund with investments in business areas with demonstrated growth potential, through the acquisition of companies shares, both partial and total. While the great majority of investors are seeking opportunities in more mature markets, we believe that the most accelerated growth will take place among emerging economies. That is why we have capitalized on the enormous potential of Latin America and particularly of Colombia; country in which we have centered our operations in Bogot, leading foreign investors to the country as well as Colombian investment toward overseas.


Each one of Tribeca Asset Management investments features the following characteristics:

We cultivate Talent
  • Smart, dynamic and creative people can do anything. Our people work hard and play hard. We love them, we nurture them, we energize them to their best performance and celebrate their success… then we raise the bar.. Again and again.

Cash is King
  • We are a cash oriented company. In making our investment choices we privilege high cash flow operations. We are true believers in the power of cash.

We Love Brands
  • Brands are great, they mark the identity of our products and services, they help people recognize us, they create value, we love them and we let no one else manage our portfolio of brands.

Innovate Your Heart Out!
  • We like to innovate, to be first, to change things, we fantasize about the spark of new ideas coming to life, we invest time and money in our in our portfolio companies to build processes that make them innovation driven, change-hungry, idea generator, we want them to surprise their market and industry through valuable innovations.

We Want More People to Live Better
  • Everyone on the planet deserve to have a better healthcare, better education, better products, more security in short a better life. We believe in taking care of our fellow humans and we like businesses that bring creative, affordable and profitable solutions that will enable more people live better - so we invest in those companies and help them succeed in their mission.

Risk is manageable
  • We believe risk is manageable, we have a good understanding of the world and we can balance risk. We go to places and inside companies to get first hand knowledge, we are the first with our foot in the door. We want high rewards for our risk taking.

But most of all... We do the Right Thing!
  • We like to look at ourselves in the mirror with pride because we know that we not only do things right but always do the right thing in respect of the Law and of universal ethics when in doubt just do the right thing!


We invest medium and long term in companies with high growth potential. Our team of experienced professionals has expertise in business turnaround, financial markets, mergers and acquisitions; is focused in Colombia and Latin America. Read more about us


Our experienced professionals are experts in crisis management, financial markets, mergers and acquisitions. Read more about team